Whats holding Elwood back is a lack of secondary schools and its relatively flat landscape. Melbourne was much lower on the list for the categories of infrastructure security, personally security and environmental security, ranked equal fifteenth, eighteenth, and twenty fifth respectively. It was 5,217.5 per 100,000 people in September 2022, down from 5,450.8 in September 2021. Now, more than ever. The suburbs biggest issues are the crime rate, limited schools, congested roads and buses, however, this latter category is not weighted as heavily as trains and Melbourne is safer than 57% of all Australian communities and 47% of Victoria cities and towns. The suburbs best assets are its good score for traffic congestion, decent proximity to the coast and adequate retail sector. An analysis on the state's latest crime statistics, conducted by RACV, found Braybrook and Robinson in Melbourne's west top the list as the worst for home burglaries. Gladstone Parks overall rank would improve with higher scores in culture, employment and walkability. Springvale scores exceptionally well for retail and walkability but is lacking in many other areas. The reason the suburb doesnt rank higher on this list is because of its minimal open space, low walkability and poor scores for access to trains and buses. The reason it ranks so low overall is because it ranks in the bottom five suburbs citywide for culture and retail, and the bottom 10 for cafes and employment. WebKey statistics of Melbourne 3000 For the year ending Sep 2022, there was a 18% decrease (-2085 Incidents) in total criminal incidents compared with the previous year. Lynbrook is 36 kilometres south-east of the CBD bordering Dandenong South. According to The Economist Intelligence Units Safe Cities Index 2021, Sydney was ranked third overall, while Melbourne came equal eighth with Hong Kong. In most other areas it is a slightly above average performer, but it is let down by having minimal open space and some congestion. The number of criminal incidents of Burglary decreased by 7% from 2021 to 730 criminal incidents in the year ending Sep 2022. Bordering Yarraville, Spotswood benefits from being close to the coast, having a very high culture score and the second best train ranking in Melbourne. What the suburb lacks are physical attributes such as hills, and it scores the second lowest across the city for open space. The suburb is within the top 100 in most other categories, only falling down on open space, proximity to the coast and congestion. 2. Albert Parks decreasing overall rank can be attributed to having more congested roads and crime than this time last study. Indicators it doesnt do as well in are education, congestion and culture, and it has very little open space. Greater Melbournes fifth safest LGA for violent crimes saw 881 offences recorded over the past year at a rate of 565.1 per 100,000 residents. Balaclava is a strong performer for culture, retail, cafes, trains, trams, employment, walkability and coast proximity. CBD in the Shire of Yarra Ranges, and consists only of houses, a community Official interest rates have risen 3.5 percentage points to 3.6 per cent since the bank started lifting rates in May last year to tame inflation. The suburb also has minimally congested roads and a decent score for access to buses. Fitzroy is another big mover in this list largely because of its walkability that this study ranks as best in Melbourne. For a higher overall ranking, Carnegie needs more open space, a hillier landscape and less traffic. All rights reserved. Cranbourne East ranks fourth last in the city for topographic variation, fifth last for trams, and is in the bottom 10 for both employment and cafes. Its other great attributes are cafes, trams and walkability. Epping has a good-sized retail sector along with a decent amount of open space. in the year ending June 2022. The Patch is a very small suburb of Melbourne, located 39km east of the Located21 kilometres south-eastof the CBD on the water, Mentone naturally does well for coast proximity but it also has a large retail sector and excellent proximity to schools. Northcote is a consistent performer in this survey due to its high scores in culture, trains, trams, buses, employment and walkability. hall, a general store, a primary school, several commercial nurseries and a 22%. Walkability, trams and retail are also decent here. Glenroy is 13 kilometres north of the CBD. The areas where Parkdale is most in need of improvement for this study are open space and congestion. Hurstbridge may be 30 kilometres north-eastof the CBD but the suburb still has a train station that helps boost liveability. West Melbourne is by far the least liveable suburb in the City of Melbourne. For more information about these topics, check our resources page. (The US average is 35.4) NOTE: Click on the links below to see charts for each crime category. Its strongest attributes are trams and walkability, but Ascot Vale is a relatively good performer overall. Hallams weaknesses are its high crime rate, low employment and minimal tree cover. The only factors where its in the bottom half are topographic variation (just), education, then open space where it is the fourth worst citywide. Sunshine West has a better crime score than its sibling suburbs and excellent proximity to education, but lags behind in almost all other areas. The suburb, along with others in close vicinity, is known for being Its best attributes are its walkability, number of cafes, employment, and excellent public transport options across both trains and trams. The restrictions on movement and introduction of breaches of CHO directions had a flow on effect for Victorian recorded crime, and this differed by crime type. The best things about Park Orchards are its low crime and natural landscape with plenty of trees and hills. 2023 Metropole Property Strategists. Its $1.055 million median price tag for property has attracted attention Excellent access to the bus network, good proximity to schools and a low crime rate are what underpin Bentleigh Easts liveability. Flemington is a top 10 suburb for culture and trams and is in the top 50 for cafes, buses, employment, secondary education and walkability. It scores well for culture, has next to no congested roads, and has a low crime rate. The suburb has a low crime rate, generous open space, uncongested roads and close proximity to primary schools. More shops, cafes and culture would further enhance the area. For more information about counting rules, please refer to the Explanatory Notes. On the plus side, the suburb ranks sixth best in the city for open space, has low crime, and theres good tree cover across hilly streets. Glen Waverleys neighbour, Wantirna South performs well in the areas of culture, retail, cafes and open space. From March 2020 to December 2021 Victoria responded to the global COVID-19 pandemic through a range of health responses that included periods of restrictions on peoples movements and daily activities. than average risk) are the outer east (29%), north east (23%), north west Culture, buses and retail in particular are strengths of Forest Hill, located between Blackburn South and Vermont. The right investment strategy for you is personal and based on your own The suburb also ranks in the top 10 for culture, retail, employment and total education. Hampton Easts liveability ranking has dropped significantly over the years after achieving a top 20 spot in 2011, largely due to the congestion, but its scores for cafes, open space and distance to schools are also low. It ranks in the bottom 10 suburbs for both retail and cafes, but has the benefit of a low crime rate, generous open space and great topographic variation. Its a desirable suburb, not only for its low crime rate but also for Gowanbrae is located 13 kilometres north-westof the CBD near Tullamarine. It also has decent tree cover and topographic variation. The suburbs scores vary wildly depending on the category being assessed. More in the way of culture, retail, employment, walkability, cafes and better train access is needed for a better overall score. There is a train station (Upfield) located just outside the suburbs north-eastern boundary and it also does in the categories of proximity to schools and congestion. Mordialloc would benefit from having less traffic congestion. If you are a resident of Melbourne, your chance of becoming a victim of crime is 1 in 20 (based on the total crime rate of crimes against the person and property combined) while the Victoria average is 1 in 19. It doesnt do as well however in retail, trains, schools, and it is very prone to congested roads. Melbourne is on track to take over Sydney as the largest Australian city by population, however it is still being outdone by its harbour city counterpart for safety. This mansion was inspired by a fusion of Asian, European, and contemporary architecture and includes a Japanese Onsen bathhouse was listed for sale in mid-2021 and went for a hair under $3 million ($2.95 million), sold by Fletchers. So, ones chances to become a victim of crimes against the person in Melbourne is 1 in 86. Seabrook is 19 kilometres south-westof the CBD. Springvale South has a good score for crime and great proximity to education. The Property Tribune, Ko's latest luxury holiday home available for co-ownership will have you relaxed and rejuvenated quicker than you can say Bula Vinaka!. Known for its peaceful parks and recreation areas, the suburb has a Hoppers Crossing has a large retail sector and ranks comparatively well for congestion, but in most other areas assessed, the suburb achieves only low scores. Its downfalls are the lack of access to public transport beyond buses and its low scores for employment, tree cover, culture and cafes. Footscray jumps 68 places to enter the top 10 for the first time. Police say around 30 men were enjoying an after work barbecue in the southwestern Melbourne suburb of Laverton North before they were approached by another group of about 20 men. Every list of rankings has a wooden-spooner, and this time around its Lyndhurst, 35 kilometres south-east of the CBD near Cranbourne. The only factors it ranks below 200, of 307, for are crime, congestion and topographic variation. It performs well for retail as the home to Westfield Doncaster, plus theres great tree cover and topographic variation. Abbotsford is less likely to theft than nearby Collingwood, where the total theft rate in 2016 was 932. Prevention of Family Violence Data Platform. Its scores for tree cover and walkability are also low. Parkdale is located 23 kilometres south-east from the CBD on the water after Mentone. Mulgrave scores well in the culture, retail and access to bus categories but is otherwise considered below average in almost all other areas. Its tiny retail sector sees it rank third last in this category, and its also second last for walkability, equal last for tree cover, and last for topographic variation. Other areas it lacks in are culture, access to education, and proximity to the coast. Clifton Hill retains its quiet achiever status, performing well across the board. Homes here arent homes they are quintessential holiday homes of splendiferous magnificence. Melbournes CBD with a decent 13,066 population. In contrast, burglaries in Abbotsford decreased slightly from 120 to 114. Seddons small neighbour, Kingsville has a good employment score, ample tree cover, decent access to bus services and a low crime rate. Theres also relatively little congestion on the roads and plenty of open space. Albion is positioned after Sunshine about 13 kilometres west of the CBD. Melbournes 307 suburbs ranked for liveability, South Yarra reclaims the number one spot after slipping to number two, Collingwood moves up the ranks due to its walkability score the fourth best in Melbourne according to this study. The new Domain Liveable Melbourne study the fourth of its kind since 2005 has ranked 307 suburbs on 17 indicators to give us this list of the most liveable in the city. Otherwise, Burwoods liveability is overall relatively decent. Retail is in strong supply in Maidstone thanks largely to the proximity of nearby Highpoint Shopping Centre. Now let us turn to take a look at how Melbourne does for violent crimes specifically, and then how it does for property crimes. Notting Hill ranks poorly for access to trains, schools and congestion, and it ranks fifth lowest for open space in the city. Belgrave Heights may be 38 kilometres south-east of the CBD with only 1360 residents at the most recent census, but it still has a decent number of cafes. The suburb is short on culture, retail, cafes and open space, however, and its scores in all other areas are only average. It does not fare well for schools, congestion and topographic variation. Trams and buses are the categories Burwood East performs best in and it has above average scores for culture, retail, cafes, education, walkability, topographic variation and crime. Deer Park is 17 kilometres west of the city. 10 Melbourne suburbs with the lowest number of criminal incidents per resident Its overall rank is also impacted by being far from the coast. Waterways is about 25 kilometres southof the CBD, and, as its name suggests, is not far from the water. Lilydale excels in the area of topographic variation and it experiences little traffic. The men held cricket bats and Where it still excels is topographic variation and tree cover and it has one of the top 10 lowest crime rates in Melbourne. Hawthorn is a relatively sold all-rounder: it ranks in the top 50 for culture, retail, cafes, employment, tree cover and walkability, and eighth for trams. Broolyn is a small suburb bordering West Footscray 10 kilometres west of the CBD. Retail, education and employment are also decent. The introduction of new cafes to Warrandyte has boosted its overall liveability, complementing its consistently high scores for topographic variation, tree cover and open space. Ringwood East ranks in the top 10 citywide for train access and the suburb also has good buses. Our nationwide meta-analysis overcomes the issues inherent in any crime database, including non-reporting and reporting errors. Again, you will need to dig around in order to compare suburbs, but the Crime by location tab gives a pretty good overview. Briar Hill is a relatively small suburb sandwiched between Greensborough and Montmorency. The suburb only has a very small culture sector, and there are few shops, cafes and schools. Congestion on the roads is also minimal here. Bulleens hilly, leafy landscape with generous open space allows it to perform well in this study. Aspendale has very little in the way of culture, retail and cafes. Interestingly, aside from Black Rock and Beaumaris, which are south of Where West Footscray scores the worst is education, cafes and topographic variation. The suburb is also among the top 10 worst areas for walkability. Asking prices for homes in this area are above $1.2 million a piece, with property prices dramatically spiking to over $2.3 million in March last year, according to SQM Research. Walkability is Glen Waverleys best asset, followed by proximity to secondary education and low crime. The hilly and leafy streets with abundant open space are complemented by a low crime rate and good proximity to schools. Its lowest scores are for culture, access to trams, open space and congestion. Lalors neighbour Mill Park has excellent bus access and proximity to secondary schools. Its declining rank on this list is mostly due to its crime score, in addition to recording very low scores for culture and cafes. It scores the highest for its physical attributes including tree cover and topographic variation, along with cafes and employment. Scoresbys liveability is dragged down by having no public transport beyond buses plus low employment, poor proximity to schools and a relatively high crime rate. In nearly every other area assessed however Jacana is deemed below average, mainly in the categories of culture, cafes, crime and employment. With no access to trains or trams theres a reliance on buses, which use only one road, giving it the second worst ranking suburb in this category. Minimal public transport and proximity to schools are the indicators Belgrave Heights is less liveable for. Belgrave ranks second in the tree cover category, third for topographic variation and has few congested roads. Walkability and primary education are other areas it also performs well in. Weak points are retail, primary schools and congestion. On the plus side, crime is low and traffic isnt an issue. Narre Warren South rarely experiences congested roads, has a low crime rate, and its level of open space is above average. Want to understand criminal offences in Victoria and make sense of crime data? Congested roads have contributed to St Kilda Easts decline in liveability. Regardless of how Melbourne does relative to all communities in America of all sizes, when NeighborhoodScout compared it to communities of similar population size, its crime rate per thousand residents stands out as higher than most. What it lacks is open space, which is ranks poorly for, and it has very busy roads. Explanatory notes on recorded crime statistics to assist you in interpreting and understanding Victorian crime data. Weve brought together data from several sources, with not all of them lining up perfectly because each considers or accounts for slightly different metrics. Previously the better ranking of the two Malverns, Malvern East has dropped behind its sibling, albeit only by one place. Updated annually. Ivanhoe is Banyule Councils most liveable suburb. A higher employment rate and more open space would boost Mooroolbarks liveability. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 27. Sunshine benefits from having excellent access to trains and buses, a strong retail sector, and decent walkability. Theres also great topographic variation. The suburb also has great tram access and it is close the coast. There were 208 home invasions and about 224 carjackings in the previous year, police said. Skip to main content. The suburb is lacking in retail, cafes, and the employment options are low. Has Crime in Melbourne increased or decreased in the past 5 years? Contact information for media and journalists. Where it stands to improve the most is in culture, retail and crime. The suburb is disadvantaged by being a long distance from the coast and only having buses for public transport. Unlike most other suburbs placed above it this year, Toorak doesnt rank very highly for culture and retail, plus it has congested roads and limited open space. Its best traits for liveability include train access, having plenty of buses, and abundant open space. Generally, Safer Australias crime data are considered one of the most detailed and precise in the field of crime data. Dragging down Cairnleas overall score are its low scores for culture, retail, cafes, employment, walkability and tree cover. The areas liveability is dragged down by a poor crime score, little tree cover, and not being close to many schools. Areas that Keilor Park scores positively for include culture, topographic variation and retail. The suburb gets points for being close to the coast and experiencing few congested roads, but Altona Meadows needs more tree cover and better proximity to schools to achieve a good overall rank on this list. What drags down its overall score are congested roads, the flat landscape, and ranking last in the open space category. Theres most room for improvement in the crime and congestion fields. View all media releases published by the Crime Statistics Agency. definitions for Victorias common criminal offences, Dangerous and negligent acts endangering people, Stalking, harassment and threatening behaviour, The number of criminal incidents recorded by Victoria Police in the year 2022 was, Based on the most recent data available from the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria (CSA), it appears that. Lalor boasts excellent train access and proximity to both secondary and primary schools. Dingley Village is located after Moorabbin and is 22 kilometres south-east of the CBD. Campbellfield would also benefit from more schools and tree cover, and it loses points for being far from the coast. This is important because the overall crime rate can be further illuminated by understanding if violent crime or property crimes (or both) are the major contributors to the general rate of crime in Melbourne. West Melbourne doesnt rank higher overall is because of its poor proximity to schools, high crime, flat landscape and congested roads.
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