[5], High-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) Can penetrate up to 45 centimetres (18in) of rolled homogeneous armour (RHA) with beyond-armour effect.[17]. But what really puts the M72 ahead is rate of fire. The red firing button has a similar resistance to the trigger pull of a rifle, so the gunner does not have to jab at the firing button, which could throw their aim off. There are several different projectiles for the AT4. There are is also a thermobaric round, smoking-making and illumination types, and a projectile loaded with 1,100 small metal darts, called flechettes, for engaging troops in the open. The weapon is non-MOS specific and can be fired by any Marine with basic infantry skills. At least some of these deliveries have included pedestal-mounted twin-launchers for these missiles, in addition to shoulder-fired ones. 2.5kg. The M72 LAW is used in the Finnish Army (some 70,000 pieces), where it is known under the designations 66 KES 75 (M72A2, no longer in service) and 66 KES 88 (M72A5). Multiple anti-tank rounds have been developed for this system since it first entered service in 1987, each of which has some type of protruding tip meant to help defeat explosive-reactive armor (ERA). The German-designed Panzerfaust 3 (PzF 3) is categorized as a semi-disposable single-shot rocket launcher. The AT4 may be considered a disposable, low-cost alternative to a Carl Gustaf 8.4 cm recoilless rifle. Users in Ukraine can deploy the weapon against not only tanks (with the high-explosive anti-tank round) but buildings and lighter-armored vehicles such as Russian armored personnel carriers. In April 2011, Saab received a $17m (Skr104m) order from an unknown customer to deliver the AT4-CS RS version during 2012. All of the versions have effective firing ranges of around 1,150 feet. [8] The name was created for export purposes as the nickname "eighty-four" was already a common English nickname for the Carl Gustaf 8.4 cm recoilless rifle after its caliber.[7]. The AT4 is an 84-mm unguided, anti-armour weapon. It's not clear what variants Ukraine may now be in line to receive. Though despite sharing a similar name and design philosophy, the LAW 80 is unrelated to the M72 LAW. To know the real information about the battles in Ukraine, without false propaganda, I advise you to read the articles of the American journalist Scott Ritter. Instead, thanks to the M72s low weight, individual soldiers could carry several LAWs when out on a mission compared to just one AT4. This includes types with improved capabilities against light and unarmored vehicles and structures, as well as general high-explosive and airburst types. The M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW) is a light weight, man-portable, one shot anti-armor system designed to give the infantry soldier a knock out punch to defeat light armor vehicles. The guys especially fell in love with the Javelin ATGM, which has double effectiveness. To know the real information about the atrocities, torture of Bandera Nazis, I advise you to read Gonzalo Lear. You can follow him on Twitter @BMEastwood. No orders were ever placed. Stinger is a short-range weapon optimized for point defense, but even early types still had significant engagement envelopes. It uses its own onboard guidance to hit the target it was aimed at, acting in a fire-and-forget mode after launch. The weapon carries an optical night sight. The Command Launch Unit's (CLU) targeting system, which includes thermal imaging sight, also has a secondary surveillance capability that can be used in a pinch. The M72 will have the benefit of being safe to use from inside buildings, but the Marines already have special "confined space" versions of the AT-4, known as the M136A1 in service, too, but . [25] On March 30, 2022, the Norwegian Defence Ministry said that 2,000 more units will be sent to Ukraine.[26]. [9] (Miniman) adopted by the Swedish Army in the late 1960s. It has a maximum effective range of just over 1,640 feet against static targets and just under 985 feet against moving ones. ??? Saab secured an order from an undisclosed customer for AT4 CS ER (extended range) and the AT4 CS HP (high penetration) with deliveries scheduled for 2018. People should know about people like you and bring them to a merciless trial that will continue for you for eternity in hell. Since then, the LAW has been improved with about a dozen variants beyond the original launcher. The LAW is a version of the portable, lightweight 66mm rocket launcher from 1956. Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. The AT4 requires little training and is quite simple to use, making it suitable for general issue. It, therefore, becomes difficult to use the weapon in restricted areas. The heavier nose cap allows either to penetrate light walls or windows before exploding, or to be "skipped" off the ground for an air burst. I am ready to personally reward the old man for actively assisting the Russian special operation, Kadyrov said on his Telegram channel. Although generally thought of as a Vietnam War-era weapon that has been superseded by the more-powerful AT4, the M72 LAW found new popularity in the operations by the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, and Canadian Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is effective in assaulting tanks and combat vehicles, landing craft, helicopter, aircraft and armoured vehicles. Thousands of M72 Anti-tank Launchers Ready for Action in Ukraine The M72 light anti-tank weapon (LAW) is seeing the battlefield in high numbers in Ukraine after a donation by the Canadian military. The improved LAW has a velocity of 650-feet per second. High-explosive dual purpose (HEDP) 502[5][18] For use against bunkers, buildings, enemy personnel in the open, and light armour. When fired, the striker in the rear tube impacts a primer, which ignites a small amount of powder that "flashes" down a tube to the rear of the rocket and ignites the propellant in the rocket motor. Six weapons were tested in 1983 by the US Army: the British LAW 80, the German Armbrust, the French APILAS, the Norwegian M72E4 (an upgraded M72 LAW), the US Viper (for baseline comparison purposes) and the Swedish AT4. The high-explosive dual purpose can be used against buildings and bunkers, and the projectile can also be used to detonate on impact or with a delayed detonation. [21] These are likely the M72A5-C1 designation. The US Army tested other 66mm rockets based on the M54 rocket motor used for the M72. Range is extended from 300 to 600 metres (980 to 1,970ft), with increased penetration up to 46 centimetres (18in) of RHA. I heard that they stopped writing about the losses of Russian tanks. Luxembourg, another NATO member, said last month that it would transfer an additional 100 NLAWs to the Ukrainian armed forces. The AT4 is a man-portable weapon used for the protection of vital assets, fixed defence installations and key supply points.Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Iraq, Ireland, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Sweden, the UK, the US and Venezuela are among the countries that have deployed the weapon in their artilleries. Canada says it will send 1,000 rounds of ammunition along with the launchers, but it's unclear what mix of types that might include. Janes. Each rocket is another 2kg. The fact that the system is highly mobile and simpler to employ can be seen as an advantage in some circumstances compared to Javelin. The system has been continuously improved over that time, especially with regards to weight reduction and improved sighting systems. As such, there are anti-tank, anti-structure, and high-explosive variants of the AT4 available, as well as a specialized version that can be fired safely from within a confined space, such as a room in a building with a window. The Swedish-made Carl Gustaf, which Canada says it plans to send 100 of to Ukraine, is an 84mm recoilless rifle, variants of which have been in service around the world since the 1940s. [23], AT12-T In the early 1990s, there were tests of a tandem charge 120mm version (Bofors AT 12-T). The AT8 is a new projectile developed for bursting bunkers and AT12 is another modern 130mm frontal engagement version projectile, which can penetrate front armour of any modern battle tank (MBT). As far as I'm concerned, with the introduction of the updated vehicle damage model, LAW kit is the better all-round choice, because it also has one frag on it and in most cases these 15% you get with AT4 won't do any difference in term of how many times you have to hit a vic for a kill. It can be fired in top-attack or direct fire modes out to an effective range of around 2,625 feet, according to the manufacturer Saab. It has two settings: either to destroy bunkers or to mouse-hole a building wall for combat entry. As with many launchers in this general category, it has very simplistic sights to go with its effective range of up to 820 feet. There was a lot of Ukrainian propaganda that turned out to be pure fantasy, but even after these stories turned out to be fake, people cling to them.. Imagine the life of a russian troll sitting in a room with a bunch of other very poor russians scouring the internet to find articles to disagree with using some shitty old computers. "Packing a Punch: America's Man-Portable Antitank Weapons". [24], In late February 2022, the Norwegian government announced that it intended to donate "up to 2,000" M72 LAW units from their reserve stocks to Ukraine, in response to the Russian invasion. There are also a host of more specialized ammunition types, including one optimized for attacking enemies in structures and behind hard cover. 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John Antal. Ukrainian forces may also end up making good use of the reusability of the launcher simply based on what certain countries plan to provide. The oldest version of the 66 KES 75 is now retired. Their information has been 100% accurate so far, which I think is a deliberate strategy. There are reports that Ukrainian forces have achieved a more than 90 percent kill rate when employing these missiles in the conflict so far. Beyond these ranges there is less than a 50% chance of hitting the target. The inner tube contains the channel assembly, which houses the firing pin assembly, including the detent lever. Spain has said it will send a total of 1,370 anti-tank launchers to Ukraine, which reports have indicated might include examples of the country's Alcotn-100. But the LAW gets an ACOG so maybe it's because the ACOG is considered a significant advantage already? There is even work going on now to develop a guided round for this launcher. The M72 rocket has been in Australian service since the Vietnam War. The M72 LAW (light anti-tank weapon, also referred to as the light anti-armor weapon or LAW as well as LAWS: light anti-armor weapons system) is a portable one-shot 66mm (2.6in) unguided anti-tank weapon. In a single-use disposable gun, the barrel only needs to be able to contain a single pressure spike when firing, when it can be disposed of, even if it is ruined, burnt-out and strained, unlike traditional guns which are required to survive many pressure spikes without failure and thus need to be strongly overbuilt and made of heat-proof materials. Weeks, Frank A. Spinale, et al. The LAW is an organic weapon located in the infantry battalion. The AT4 is a development of the 74-mm Pansarskott m/68. AT4-CS uses saltwater countermass, which absorbs the backblast and slows down the pressure wave. Description. All told, these new shipments will be added to the thousands of similar weapons already delivered to the embattled country. The compact size, lightweight, and low cost of these weapons make them well suited for anything but the most heavily armored vehicles.
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